7- Up pup was created for Vagabond Comics, Issue One, an anthology of themed comics from various artists. The inaugeral issue theme was simply 'vagabond', and I took an approach to it that spoke to me personally about a man and his dog.

Kiss the Rain was my first comic, started in 2012. While my style and quality of work has changed drastically, I still greatly enjoy this story and enjoy looking back on it. This comic can be purchased along with the three others in the story here, but be advised that there is some mature content.

Tagalong Teammate was written after Kiss the Rain and takes place within the time-jump of the comic. I wanted to play around with far more saturated colors and cartoony aspects of drawing these characters, as well as add a bit of backstory.

Where the Stars shine brightest was the last installment of Shou and Ken's story and was my way of wrapping up their tale in 2013. It was in this comic that I truly started to appreciate working on backgrounds and subtler painting techniques.